Turbo Firewall Slot Machine

In a world ravaged by the evil dictator, Victor Kapustov, only you can stop him and his army of super robots. You have been called by the Miami Police, to stop his coming attack into America. Your first task is to hack into his army database and retrieve the location of his top secret super weapon, Turbo Laser 4000. This game is their first line of defense in the database, a super slot machine.
Amass enough credits to cripple the database.

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How To Play

Deposit credits into the machine, then bet on an amount of credits and press play! Watch each slot spin! When you lose all your credits, the machine will reset itself.
Good Luck!

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How to Win!

Here are is how to collect credits to kill Victor Kapustov.

Get maximum damage with this!

One Hoverboard, Earn 1 Credit!

Two Hoverboards, Earn 25 Credits!

Three Hoverboards, Earn 500 Credits!

Get the same colour and get 2x the credits!

All Yellow Colour!

All Green Colour!

All Red Colour!

Get the same theme and get 2x the credits!

All Text!

All Music!

All Video Games!

Get the same theme and colour and get 10x the credits!

Turbo Firewall Slot Machine

Deposit credits to start play!